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"Successful brands are the ones that keep their promise and build relationships with their consumers" 

The way consumers purchase and interact with brands has evolved.  

I have studied the similarities between human relationships and brand relationships for many years and in many markets and cultures. It was then when I came up with the need to create Marketing Models.

People do not buy products, features, or attributes. People buy transformation.

Today brands can no longer dictate the way but join the conversation in a consumer-centric world.

Today's consumers are experts.

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David Mahbub
David has worked in over 41 different markets in the 20 years of experience he has had in various commercial roles.

Global Expat, CEO & Founder of Wakkamole Inc and Field Agent partner. Forbes Business Council Member, keynote speaker, consultant, advisor, and workshop creator. 

David has been involved in many Forbes 500 companies' strategic success, creating the Marketing Model® concept and methodology where Brand Intelligence, Brand Strategy, and Brand Architecture (Creativity) work under the same agile flow.

Creator of The Marketing Model® Concept and Approach.

His Marketing Model® concept and methodology has taken hundreds of brands and companies, from startups to global FMCGs in different industries and markets, to a modern and innovative brand and market approach. By evolving their marketing and commercial strategy into a successful consumer-centric model, their resources and elements are aligned strategically and harmonically to obtain every source's best use, accelerating their growth.

His Brand Relationship Map Model® has been awarded and recognized as a best practice within different forums. 

Marketing is about convincing strangers on why they need your product over the one next to it.  
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  • Your Brand's Full Marketing Model
  • Marketing Plan
  • Create your Avatars​: How know your audience and tackle them in a strategic way?
  • Build your Relationship Map: 7 step map in order to build and grow brand relationships.
  • Your Brand Promise: What really wakes up your brand every day to touch consumers hearts?
  • Brand Strategy, Not Brand Tactics: How ti create a strategy and make it happen.
  • Marketing Model: Build your unique Marketing Model and prepare your brand and business for the future.
  • Marketing is like being in a Relationship
  • The Marketer of The Future​, the skills needed for marketers of tomorrow
  • Five principles that kept me going: From a global expat to a successful startup
  • New marketing dimension: consumer approach model
  • Digital Marketing....what???? It's just Marketing!
  • Brand Promise and how it makes your brand unique.
  • Data to Knowledge: running smart marketing and brands
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David's Latest Talks

This short talk is about David's story behind the moment he realized a new Marketing Approach was needed. During this talk on Despertando Mentes Mexicanas, David goes over his story on how he came up with the idea and concept of the Marketing Model used today by over 2,500 brands.
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This Brand Relationship Map Model® has been awarded and recognized as a best practice within different forums. 

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